No Relationship Maintenance

Single people have an advantage when they are not in a committed relationship with another person. They avoid the problems that come with maintaining their relationship. Even if a couple has been together for years, they still have to put time and effort into their relationship and nurture it. This takes time away from other pursuits such as career or hobbies. It means giving up personal time for the good of the relationship.

Of course, there are drawbacks to remaining completely single. There is no one available when the need for physical relief arises. This problem can be overcome by finding a good fuck buddy. This person has the same physical needs, but does not want a relationship. Neither person has to worry about what the other is doing on Friday night, or meeting family. If they are in the mood for physical intimacy, a time is arranged. Once done, both go on their way.

There are very few people that understand this type of casual sex. Many believe a committed relationship is the only time a person should be physically intimate. For people that don’t want the bother of a committed relationship, this is the next best thing. This type of relationship has no social commitments and both partners understand the needs of the other. Fuck buddies know and understand how pressure can be a distraction. They don’t want any in their life either, so this type of activity benefits them as well.

Being in a relationship is costly as far as time and effort. For those who do not want to make that investment, it will eventually take a toll on any relationships they try to form. Finding someone with the same needs and lack of interest in a commitment is the perfect solution for the single person.