Life after Divorce

Modern couples are often used to living with their parents as they entered their relationship, and few of them have their own apartment before marriage. Many young couples today have found it is economically feasible to live at home until marriage, so they are not used to living on their own. For those who find the relationship is not working, they are suddenly faced with the prospect of living alone. It works well for some, but others struggle with loneliness, boredom and economic issues.

The dream of living alone has been one cherished by many in crowded living conditions, and a person who has just gotten divorced might crave solitude. They see it as a way to live however they want, and they look forward to the lack of restrictions impose by a partner. It can be a difficult time for them, but they see the positive aspects and ignore the negative. Few of them will realize that loneliness is often part of living alone, and they will be shocked at how much it can affect them.

Boredom in any lifestyle can be a major issue, but life after divorce can be a time when it is the biggest issue a person faces. Married people are used to having another person fill their space with belongings, and they are familiar with the former partner filling their time with arguments. The peace might be nice at first, but the divorcee might suddenly find they are bored without all the distractions their previous life offered.

Economic concerns are always difficult, and a person who recently divorced will suddenly find their income alone is insufficient. Making it up by working a second job can become a grind, and it will leave them with little personal time for enjoyment. They might come to regret their decision to divorce, or they might see it as a call to find better employment opportunities.